Terms & Conditions

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1. Definitions

1. When used in these Conditions, the following terms highlighted in bold shall have the following meanings:


Auction: a public or private sale in which Goods belonging to the Seller are sold to the highest Bidder by the Auctioneer;


Auctioneer: Auction Rebel T/A William George or any other company within the Group (including their employees and agents and any person to whom conduct of the Auction is delegated under clause 5.11);


Bid: an offer to purchase a Lot in accordance with these Conditions submitted by a Bidder:


Bidder: a person bidding for a Lot;


Buyer: a person who submits the highest Bid for a Lot that is accepted by the Auctioneer;


Buyer’s Premium: The Buyer shall pay a Buyer’s Premium of 20% plus VAT, unless otherwise indicated;


Goods: any item (or number of items) consigned to the Auctioneer by the Seller to be placed into a Lot for sale at an Auction;


Group: any entity that is a ‘subsidiary’ or ‘holding’ company as defined by s.1159 Companies Act 2006;


Lot: (a collection of) Goods listed (whether in a catalogue or otherwise) by the Auctioneer that are available to be purchased at an Auction;


Overseas Purchaser: a Buyer whose residence is outside the UK;


Seller: a person who has placed Goods with the Auctioneer for sale and who has the legal and beneficial title to the Goods listed in a Lot and/or any agent(s) authorised to act on their behalf.


VAT: Value Added Tax at [the current rate] of the Lot price, unless otherwise indicated;


1.2. Any person who attends an Auction and/or submits a Bid at an Auction held

or organised by the Auctioneer, whether by electronic means or otherwise, is deemed to have read and accepted these Conditions by reference to their attendance at the Auction or submission of a Bid.


1.3. To the extent that these Conditions are inconsistent with any special

conditions set out or referred to in the Auction catalogue or announced at the Auction, the special conditions shall prevail.


1.4. References to a ‘person’ in these Conditions shall (where the context requires) include a natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having a separate legal personality) and that person’s successors and permitted assigns.


2. The Seller's Instructions and Warranties

2.1 The Seller warrants that: