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Royal Memorabilia, Historical Documents & Postal History I Featuring letters from H.M King Edward VII & Grand Duchess Xenia.
Venue address
London - Delivery From £19.95, Leicester Sq
United Kingdom
Royal Memorabilia, Historical Documents & Postal History I Featuring letters from H.M King Edward VII & Grand Duchess Xenia.

History, Romance, Development of Society, Business, Diplomacy, Trade, Government, Royalty and Noble Families, Travel, Exploration, Art, & Literature.

Auction dates
Starts: Jul 16, 2021 05:00 PM BST
Ends from: Jul 30, 2021 01:00 PM BST
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Lot 1
Basutoland 1894
Barbados 1857
Bahamas 1909
Lot 4
Palestine - German P.O. 1909
Orange Free State 1878
Orange Free State 1863
Nyasaland 1919 (Jan 6)
New Zealand 1890
New Hebrides 1899
Morocco Agencies 1902
Mauritius 1872
Malta 1922
Lot 13
Malta 1891
Lot 14
Leeward Islands 1897
France - Siege of Paris / Monaco 1871 (Jan 4)
Crash and Wreck Mail 1886
Cayman Islands / Jamaica 1900 (May 28)
British Columbia 1865
Belgium Congo - Lado Enclave 1900
Basutoland/Orange Free State 1859
Bahamas 1902
Lot 22
Bahamas 1948
Lot 23
Autograph Letters / United States c.1935
Lot 25
Lot 26
Australia 1945
Australia 1930 (Feb 19)
Ascension 1977
Air Mail / Spain / U.S.A. 1932
Afghanistan - Second Afghan War 1880 (Mar 7)
Aden 1906
Lot 32
Aden / GB - Military 1884
South West Africa / Namibia 1981
United States 1995
G.B. - Mulready 1840 (May 8)
Italy / G.B. - Telegraph Stamps 1874 (May 20)
G.B - Telegraph Stamps / Surface Printed 1874 (May 20)
The Scottish Women's Hospital. 11 cards from Martha Jackson in Russia and Romania
Saudi Arabia 1965 (April 28)
The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies. (NUWSS).
The Serbian Relief Fund. Greece-Sorovic'-Hampshire-United Kingdom
The Serbian Army - In Exile on Corfu - Postal System. Corfu-Zurich-Switzerland.
The Serbian Relief Fund. Corsica-Bocognano-Corfu-Sorovic'-Greece
The Scottish Women's Hospitals. France-Sallanches-Bouches-du-Rhone-France
The Anglo Serbian Hospital - 2nd British Red Cross Mission. Serbia-Belgrade-Bath-United Kingdom
Serbia - The Christitch Mission. Serbia-Valjevo-Sussex-United Kingdom.
Serbia - Skopije The Main Post Office. The Horse Guard of the Kingdom of Serbia.
Serbian Relief Fund. Serbia-Kremjan-Hampshire-United Kingdom.
The Serbian Army - In Exile on Corfu - Postal System. The Serbian Ministerial Postal System.
The Turkish - Balkan War. 18th October - 13th December 1912. Serbia-Medua-London-United Kingdom.
The Scottish Women's Hospitals. Yugoslavia - The SWH Ambulance Transport Column.
Serbian 'Military' Post
The Serbian Relief Fund Greece-Sorovic'-Hampshire-United Kingdom
Serbia Scottish Women's Hospitals Medals Ephemera Postcards
Boer War 1902
Lot 56
Bechuanaland / G.B. 1847