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Royal Memorabilia, Important Historical Documents & Postal History.
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United Kingdom
Royal Memorabilia, Important Historical Documents & Postal History.

History, Romance, Development of Society, Business, Diplomacy, Trade, Government, Royalty and Noble Families, Travel, Exploration, Art, & Literature.

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Starts: Dec 18, 2020 05:00 PM GMT
Ends from: Jan 14, 2021 02:00 PM GMT
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The First Balkan War of 1912 During 1912 Nationalist Forces of Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Montene
Serbian Relief Fund Serbia - Kremjam - Hampshire - United Kingdom. This official Serbian Relief Fu
G.B. - Advertising 1880 Cover advertising pianos, organs and harmoniums for sale, with an illustrat
G.B. - Yorkshire 1875 Entire letter franked 3d from West Hartlepool to Norway with the scarce octago
G.B. - Postage Dues 1873 Printed circular franked at the 1d printed matter rate from Glasgow to Swe
G.B. - Postage Dues / USA 1870 Cover from Ottawa, Illinois to Switzerland franked 10c with the unco
G.B. Yorkshire 1868 Entire from Hull to Norway franked by two Queen Victoria 4d vermilion plate 9 a
G.B. - Machines 1866 Entire letter to France franked 4d pair cancelled by Rideout machine duplex wit
G.B. - Line Engraved 1866 Prices Current (some toning) from London to Madrid showing printed "Regis
G.B. - Advertisting Envelopes 1865 Cover (staining, edge tear) with a printed embossed heading "PLE
Great Britain Mailboat Cancels / Gibraltar 1862 Cover headed "From Dennis Dailey on board H.M. Ship
G.B. - Line Engraved Cancellations / Lancashire / Valentines 1859 (Feb 14) Cover sent locally withi
Great Britain - Transatlantic 1857 POSTAGE DUES/SHIP LETTERS: Cover endorsed "Care Rev. I. L. Milso
Great Britain - Scotland - Locals / India 1857 (Nov 24) Entire letter to Ireland bearing a 1d red (
G.B. - Line Engraved Cancellations - Liverpool 1856 (Mar 29) Entire letter to Ireland bearing a 1d
G. B. - Transatlantic 1855 Entire Letter sent from "New York" to Edinburgh, with a "21/N. YORK AM.P
G.B. - Registered / Scotland 1855 Entire letter registered from Glasgow to Whitehaven franked 1d +
GB - Crimean War 1855 Stampless cover to Lady Malet, English Legation, Frankfurt, Germany with Post
Great Britain 1854 Stampless Ladies Envelope with embossed border, complete with contents on simila
G.B. - Ship Letters - Falmouth 1852 Entire from Fox and Co in Falmouth to Huth and Co in London, po
Great Britain - Ship Letters - Margate 1849 Entire from Bahia to London handstamped "MARGATE / SHIP
G.B. - Scotland - Islands 1848 Entire letter (file folds, reverse with tape repairs to tears) form
G.B. - Ship Letters - Worthing 1847 Entire letter from New York to Dublin handstamped "WORTHING / S
G.B. - Northumberland/Denmark/Forwarding Agents 1847 Entire Letter from Elsinore, Denmark, to Londo
G.B. - Ship Letters - Newcastle 1846 Entire letter from Swinemunde to Aberdeen endorsed via Newcast
G.B. - Registered Mail 1846 Stampless registered cover from Inverary to Edinburgh with 2d postage a
G.B. - Wiltshire / Shropshire 1845 Entire from Salisbury to Brosely via London with datestamps of S
G.B. - London 1845 Entire Letter from Ulm to London handstamped "NOT CALLED FOR" in red. A scarce
G.B. - Mulreadys 1843 1d Lettersheet stereo A67 (small closed file hole) used from Wincanton to Lon
G.B. - Scotland 1842 Entire (vertical file fold) prepaid 2d from Glasgow to Edinburgh, with "V (Cr
Great Britain - Ship Letters 1840 1840 Entire letter from New Orleans to London endorsed "pr Ship U
G.B. - Scotland 1841 Entire Letter from Glasgow prepaid 1d to Collooney with a fine strike of the s
G.B. - Mulreadys 1840 Menzies of Edinburgh Mulready caricature envelope state 1A with 43mm imprint
G.B. - London 1839 Entire Letter sent from Liverpool to London with a slightly doubled but readily
G.B. - Frees 1838 Printed Entire Letter (horizontal file fold) to the Land Tax Registry with scarce
G.B. - Ireland - Ship Letters - Cork 1837 Entire from Havana to London "Per St Andrew" handstamped
G. B. - Military / London / Ireland 1836 Entire letter (some staining) from Maynooth to a Bombardie
G.B. - Norfolk 1836 Entire Letter to Norwich with a very fine "Holkham" handstamp. This post offic
G.B. - Ship Letters - Hythe 1827 Entire (seal removed from reverse) backstamped with the very scarce
G.B. - Ship Letters - Southampton 1823 Entire letter from Rio de Janeiro to Rothschild, London "By
G.B. - Transatlantic 1820 Entire letter (file folds) from Liverpool to Philadelphia sent on the shi
Great Britain / Ship Letters / Ramsgate 1814 Entire Letter from La Guayra to London with fine singl
Great Britain - Kent 1820 Printed auction notice of freehold estates for sale in Kent, sent from Les
G.B. - London/Transatlantic 1801 Entire letter from London to Philadelphia prepaid 1/10 with an unus
G.B. - Military / France 1799 Entire letter (a few faults) to Lille, written by Captain Villain on p
G.B. - Ireland / Ship Letters - Cove 1788 Entire letter from Cove of Cork to Scotland with "COVE /
Great Britian - France 1762 PRISONER OF WAR Entire letter from Antoine Vialars, London dated 20th Ap
G.B. - Bishop Marks 1721 Entire Letter (corner stain) from London to Bramton Castle near Presteigne
Great Britain - Bishop Marks c.1720 Entire letter from Cambridge to London handstamped "CAM / BRIDGE
G.B. - Naval Mail / T.P.O.s / Railways 1885-86 Cover from Commander Parr serving on H.M.S. Frolic i
G.B. - Surface Printed 1883 Entire Letter from Manchester to Montevideo franked by 1880 6d on 6d an
G.B. - Military & Naval / Ceylon 1881 Cover (roughly opened with piece torn from top edge) from Rev
G.B. - Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet 1880 1d Pink postal stationery envelope from Campbeltown to Bowm
London & Queensborough S.T. The c.d.s. was issued on 3rd December 1890 to the Inland Branch in time
G.B. - London / Newspaper c.1890 Newspaper wrapper from London with scarce oval handstamp "G.P.O./PA
G.B. - Postage Dus / Scotland 1888 Cover to New South Wales franked by 1d lilac strip of six cancel
G.B. - Exhibitions 1886 Cover to the USA franked 2.1/2d lilac cancelled at South Kensington, backsto
G.B. - Telegrams - Surface Printed 1885 Printed Postcard headed "SIXPENNY TELEGRAMS" giving the sen
G.B. - Exhibitions 1908 (June 20) Picture postcard to France, the stamp having apparently falling o
G.B. - T.P.Os 1906 Picture postcard bearing G.B. 1/2d and Belgium 10c both cancelled "LONDON & DOV