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No Reserve Retail Liquidation I Brand New Ray-Ban Sunglasses & Designer Watches - Free UK Delivery
Venue address
, Free UK Mainland Delivery
United Kingdom
No Reserve Retail Liquidation I Brand New Ray-Ban Sunglasses & Designer Watches - Free UK Delivery

All stock in this auction is brand new and offered with free UK delivery. Brands to include, Ray-Ban, Burberry, Daniel Wellington, Armani & more.

Auction dates
Starts: Sep 02, 2020 12:00 PM BST
Ends from: Sep 20, 2020 07:00 PM BST
Auction currency
Buyer's premium
22 % (exc. Sales tax)
Accepted cards for registration
Accepted cards for payment
There are 220 lots within this auction
Primary Category
Item Type
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We have chosen not to publish our results. Please contact us directly for any enquiries.
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB4320CH 622/87 *3P (Ferrari)
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3447 112/51 *2N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3025 001/58 *3P
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3025 003/32 *2N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB2176 990 *3N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3548N 001 *2N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3548N 001 *3N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3016 W0366 *3N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB8313 004/K6 *3P
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3447 112/Z2 *3N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3847N 91224M *2N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3847N 91233M *2N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB3847N 912443 *3N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB4440ONF 601/8G *3N
Ray Ban Sunglasses ORB1971 91248/32 *2N
Tissot T067.417.11.041.00 Mens Watch
Tissot T067.417.11.051.00 Mens Watch
Tissot T055.417.11.047.00 Mens Watch
Tissot T063.617.22.037.00 Mens Watch
Burberry BU9201 Ladies Watch
Burberry BU1365 Ladies Watch
Buberry BU9009 Men's Watch
Buberry BU9101 Men's Watch
Buberry BU1351 Ladies Watch
Buberry BU1355 Ladies Watch
Buberry BU9128 Ladies Watch
Buberry BU9206 Ladies Watch
Buberry BU9217 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5263904 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5181635 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5158517 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5213977 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5295363 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5027205 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5243044 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5243722 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5181008 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5181664 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 1160305 Ladies Watch
Swarovaski 5095484 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 1094376 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5182252 Ladies Watch
Swarovski 5295380 Ladies Watch
Hugo Boss 1513087 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1512964 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1513280 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1513282 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1512599 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1512931 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1512950 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1513441 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1513092 Men's Watch
Hugo Boss 1513496 Men's Watch
Emporio Armani AR1982 Men's Watch
Emporio Armani AR1979 Men's Watch
Emporio Armani AR11092 Ladies Watch
Emporio Armani AR11091 Ladies Watch
Emporio Armani AR1877 Ladies Watch
Emporio Armani AR0339 Men's Watch
Emporio Armani AR2448 Men's Watch