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Low Reserve Diamonds & Gemstones I Free Worldwide Delivery
Venue address
Switzerland, Free Worldwide Delivery (Track And Trace)
United Kingdom
Low Reserve Diamonds & Gemstones I Free Worldwide Delivery

All stock is located in Switzerland and will be shipped free of charge with Swiss Post (Track & Trace)

Auction dates
Starts: Jul 19, 2020 07:00 PM BST
Ends from: Aug 09, 2020 08:00 PM BST
Auction currency
Buyer's premium
22 % (exc. Sales tax)
Accepted cards for registration
Accepted cards for payment
There are 71 lots within this auction
Primary Category
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We have chosen not to publish our results. Please contact us directly for any enquiries.
Violet Sapphire (Colorchange), 1.77 Ct
Blue Sapphire, 1.14 Ct
Violet Sapphire, 1.09 Ct
Pink Sapphire, 1.08 Ct
Violet Sapphire, 1.07 Ct
Blue Sapphire, 1.08 Ct
Peach Sapphire, 1.16 Ct
Blue Sapphire, 1.23 Ct
Blue Sapphire, 1.06 Ct
White Sapphire, 1.39 Ct
Blue Sapphire, 1.59 Ct
Blue Sapphire, 1.12 Ct
Green Sapphire, 1.05 Ct
Teal Sapphire, 1.14 Ct
Teal Sapphire, 1.21 Ct
Yellow Sapphire, 1.16 Ct
Tanzanite, 4.46 Ct
Tanzanite, 3.96 Ct
Tanzanite, 5.26 Ct
Green Tourmaline, 1.28 Ct
Green Tourmaline, 2.27 Ct
Green Tourmaline, 1.72 Ct
Green Tourmaline, 1.10 Ct
Green Tourmaline, 1.02 Ct
Cuprian Tourmaline, 1.62 Ct
Cuprian Tourmaline, 1.47 Ct
Cuprian Tourmaline, 1.01 Ct
Pink Tourmaline, 2.50 Ct
Pink Tourmaline, 3.06 Ct
Pink Tourmaline, 2.17 Ct
Green Paraiba Tourmaline, 2.05 Ct
Green Paraiba Tourmaline, 1.03 Ct
Green Paraiba Tourmaline, 1.57 Ct
Green Paraiba Tourmaline, 1.71 Ct
Emerald, 2.35 Ct
Emerald, 1.37 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.83 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.72 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.53 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.63 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.78 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.84 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.04 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.69 Ct
Aquamarine, 1.52 Ct
Alexandrite, 0.73 Ct
Alexandrite. 0.85 Ct
Alexandrite, 0.71 Ct
Tsavorite Garnet, 0.68 Ct
Tsavorite Garnet 0.84 Ct
Opal. 11.30 CT
Opal, 5.69 Ct
Lot 55
Opal, 8.21 Ct
Lot 56
Opal, 6.28 Ct
Lot 57
Blue Topaz, 16.04 Ct
Blue Topaz, 12.60 Ct
Blue Topaz, 10.74 Ct